About the Full Stack Development Internship!

The full stack developer internship is 3 months technical office internship by Brainweave. Location of job can be Amritsar, Delhi or Gurgaon. The applicant should have deep understanding of how the Web works, from client requests to server-side handling to front-end rendering. He/She should have experience in making web applicaiton products and mobile application products. Coding skills (Linux, Git, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, NodeJS) and MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) Experience with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript is also required. REST services and best practices are needed. Experience with running AWS, Node Servers, Building web and mobile apps will help in giving you an edge over other applicants. Additional experience with databases (MySQL) and MongoDB is highly desired. Having the ability to work well in a fast-paced, distributed environment is crucial. Internship Type: Office
Position: Full Stack Developer (Web/Software)
Duration: 3 months
Stipend: Rs. 3,000- Rs. 5,000
Other Perks & Benefits:
1. Certificate of Appreciation would be given
2. Recognition of your work & Confidence building.
3. Networking with Entrepreneurs/Professional who can guide you/recommend you.
4. Practical exposure & Development of new skills.
5. Letter of Recommendation by Brainweave for your future endeavours
6. A chance of getting Pre-Placement Offer (PPO)

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