About the Brain Development Program !

Every child is not born intelligent. In our daily lives, we see that there is always a gap between students which are intelligent and those which are not in comparison. But it is scientifically proven fact that each person is born with equal size of brain. It all depends on how each child is nourished from childhood and the way their brain development is done from the very initial age. Our brain keeps on developing from the age of 3-4 and keeps on developing till 17-18 years. So, Brainweave has initiated its flagship annual Brain Development program for schools from Class Pre-Nur to Class 10th wherein our fellows strongly identify and associate with the in adequacy in the current education and helps in developing students' brain gradually according to Brainweave curriculum. The teaching is completely different from regular schooling.
For this program, we have two specialized teams, Analytical Team as well as Psychological Team. Both the team work hand-in-hand to guide the fellows on how to train each child so that he/she can have the best brain nourishment throughout the lifetime. Apart from our curriculum, Brainweave also conducts various workshops throughout the year in different fields, with an aim to cover all the varied interest and passion of each student. The curriculum will also depend on the reports of the students' present creative and logical ability and the suggestions from our psychology team.

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Our Process

Analysis & Assessment

We spend first 7 days at the institution, identifying present intellectual level of students, interacting with them, the teachers and their parents. Different aspects and logical strength of students will be thoroughly checked by our special analytical team.

Training & Curriculum Development

This is where we really shine - in training students so that they stand out. We have identified that a child's brain development can be divided into six categories: Logical Skills, Analytical Skills, Creative Skills, Management Skills, Leadership Skills and Étiquettes.


Our training will require 2 hours per week for each class from pre-nursery to 10th, for the training. However, the curriculum can be changed according to the preference of the school. The training will include a systematic and structural way to inculcate all the skills mentioned above.


Every training package we design includes an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate students' learning through testing and one-to-one assessment, we ask you and your staff to evaluate us: Did the training meet your expectations? Did it help student growth as a whole? What could we do better next time?