About the Skill Development Program!

Want to organize interesting workshops at your fest or college or school? Then Brainweave is here to help you. Learn the most in-demand skills of today and future. Get job ready!

Robotics Workshop
Technological knowledge is the core skill required to progress in today’s world. Robotics today is like IT in the 90s and has become one of the most coveted fundamental skill. Exposure to robotics through workshops and practical learning for your students will help them gain an edge over other students, enhancing their abilities. The workshop will aim at building a very strong foundation base for the skill, with enhanced logical and problem solving abilities.

Yearly Plan for Robotics, IOT and Smart Systems
Robotics is like an iceberg with most of its crucial elements and vastness hidden. A single workshop is useful to gain an insight into the field, whereas a continuous learning throughout the year will make us proficient, as we will not just stop at robotics and venture further into IOT (Internet of Things) and Smart System development which is the organizational requirement of the modern world. Throughout this yearly plan our focus will be to build a smarter approach towards real life problem solving.

Other Workshops
1. Basic & Advanced Programming Workshop
2. Internet of Things Workshop
3. Pastels (Oil, Soft, Plastic) Workshop
4. Ethical Hacking Workshop
5. Origami Workshop
6. Website Development Workshop
7. Android Development Workshop
8. Sketching Techniques Workshop
9. Cloud Computing Workshop
10. Big Data Analytics Workshop
11. Portrait Making Workshop
12. Pencil Sketch Workshop
13. Guitar Workshop
14. Painting Workshop
And many more..... (Any workshop you desire for)

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