WE, Not I !

Brainweave comprises of a psychological team, an analytical team, campus ambassadors and fellows. All when together form the backbone of Brainweave and helps in achieving its goals.

Psychological Team is responsible for design of curriculum and coming up with activities for brain development. They analyse the reports of the students while preparing the curriculum. It is a group of people who study and research about the process of good Brain Development.They study about which part of the brain should be developed, how should it be developed and what are the modules and training practices that should be followed so that an individual develops cognitive thinking for their lifetime.

Analytical Team handles and manages the execution of those activities and preparing new logical questions. The analytics team act as the data architect as they prepare the reports and data for the psychological team. They analyze the present curriculum of the school as well as tells where does a child stands at national level. They analyze the current state of the brain and the goal state to be achieved.

Fellows are also an integral part of the Team Brainweave. Our fellows are the modern youth who can strongly identify and associate with the in adequacy in the current education.

Campus Ambassadors are the interns who represent network of Brainweave and help us in promoting our brand as well as help in promoting our partner companies and run various brand awareness campaigns.