About the Brainweave Tinkering Labs!

Tinkering Lab by Brainweave is a lab where young minds rack their brains, realising their dreams into reality. They give shape to their ideas through hands on learning. It is a center of excellence, where people learn, understand, create and innovate. In today's tech savvy world, skill biased technical change is there in the outside world of industries. Students need to get out of the cubicle of classroom.There is lack in innovative approach in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). subjects. So, tinkering labs is a perfect blend between left (logical) and right(creative) brain.

Our focus :
1. Hands on Learning
2. Knowledge Sharing
3. Creation & Innovation

The world of technology is dynamic and fast paced. It becomes hard to keep track of each and every equipments and softwares. We make it easy by completely abstracting the process of setting up a lab. We offer basic to advanced robotics lab solutions.

Why us?
a. We provide standardised equipments which are universally accepted.
b. We do not focus on custom made assemble bots as they limit imagination.
c. Warranty on selected products upto 1 year
d. 1 year free maintenance of the lab
e. Step by step instruction manual for each component
f. Warranty on selected products upto 1 year
g. Detailed curriculum Design by our team
h. Faculty training program
i. Constant upgradation of lab throughout the year
j. Brand building of school

For more information about detailed plans and components to be installed in lab under each plan, feel free to mail us at brainweave.info@gmail.com

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